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General information
For engraving, mainly the methods Diamond, free hand and laser are used. The diamond-engraving is the traditional method to engrave rings inside. The text to be engraved is scratched with a stiff fine diamond tip into the surface of the ring. This method is inexpensive but has the disadvantage that the engraving in hard materials, such as our Damascus Steel, is not as clearly visible as engravings in soft materials like silver or gold. Furthermore, the selection of possible fonts is limited to one capital block-letter font. Significantly more choice, but also to significantly higher prices, the freehand engraving method comes into play. Here, the engraving tool is clamped in a hand piece. This requires a steady hand and great skill and experience. The free-hand engraving is only used for pieces that cannot be engraved by other means, for example, very large pieces. It is not necessary for our products. The current gold standard for engraving, is the laser engraving. Not only text in any font could be engraved, but also graphics in high quality, regardless of the hardness of the surface.
Ring engraving
The standard for engraving rings inside is the diamond engraving method (see above). This method is inexpensive, but unfortunately not very variable in terms of fonts, and text length. Only one font exist and a maximum of 32 characters or digits can be engraved. An almost unlimited choice of fonts and the ability to engrave rings on the outside or on the edge offers the laser engraving method (see above). Since this method offers variable font sizes, possibly more than 32 characters or digits can be engraved. In addition, also graphics, or handwritten texts are possible. Please note the extension of the delivery time by about one week for the laser engraving.
The prices depend on the type of engraving and content, and are graded as follows:

2. Laser engraving
- Text ($82,-) USD 82,- fix for text-only engravings
- Pro ($94,-) USD 94,- fix for graphics, handwritten texts, fingerprints or combinations of text and graphic