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Sample Rings
Since it happens every now and then that ringsizes are assessed incorrectly, we ship sample rings made of ordinary steel free of charge prior to crafting your wedding bands. You can check your size then, and correct it if necessary. Please kindly notice, that this service is only available to our European customers.
What you should know and take into account
In the course of the day the thickness of the fingers will change, and thus the ring size. In most cases, the fingers are in the evening (slightly) thicker than in the morning. Therefore, it is useful to measure in the morning and in the evening, this gives you an overview of your individual average sizing. Furthermore, the ring sizes often vary in both hands. Determine always the size of the finger, where you want to wear the ring. The season will affect the ring size also. In summer, the fingers are often thicker than in winter due to higher temperature. Furthermore, do not trust old measurements, because the ring size often changes in the course of the life.
Inner diameter and inner circumference
The inner diameter and the inner circumference of a ring (circle) are interdependent variables, they can be calculated using the number of PI as follows:

1. Inner diameter = Inner circumference / PI
2. Inner circumference = Inner diameter * PI

In our store, we offer both sizes to choose from. In addition, you can make the size specification in form of British and American names.
How to determin your ring size
If you already have a ring that fits, use a caliper to measure the inner diameter of this ring. Turn the ring while measureing, since some rings are not really round. Incidentally, the ring should be approximately of the same width as the ring you want to order from us. Do not measure the inside diameter with a ruler or tape measure. This often leads to unreliable results. If there's no matching ring available, wrap a strip of paper around the joint and make a mark where the strip overlaps. Then measure the distance from the edge to the mark. This is the inner circumference of the ring. Note that the ring must fit over the joint, therefore the measurement is made there.
Alternatively, you can also determin your ringsize at a jeweler near by. Please ensure, that the measurement is done with a ring of approximately the appropriate width.